Landscape: the relationship between people, place and nature. Landscape character is what makes an area unique. The landscape is defined by Natural England as "a distinct, recognisable and consistent pattern of elements, be it natural (soil, landform) and/or human (for example settlement and development) in the landscape that makes one landscape different from another, rather than better or worse".

Climate change impacts and, in particular, those relating to the management of water could have a profound effect on the character of the Somerset landscape.

The Somerset WAVE study area includes land that falls within 7 separate National Character Areas or NCAs (as defined by Natural England’s predecessor organisation, The Countryside Agency), each with its one distinct landscape character. These areas are used by local authorities, Natural England and other statutory and non-statutory bodies to guide landscape planning. For more information on landscape character, visit the Natural England website here.

The NCAs in Somerset cover a range of discrete lowland, hill range and coastal landscapes.

Click on the map to explore the character of the WAVE study area via National Character Areas

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