Lowland Coastal - Balance between Agriculture & Biodiversity - 2060

Lowland Coastal Landscape - in 2060 if the focus is on a balance between biodiversity and agriculture:

The policies are aimed at providing multi-functional landscapes that bring a wide range of benefits to society, so biodiversity and agricultural interests have become more balanced.

The primary coastal flood defence has been realigned further inland to permit the extension of inter-tidal habitat along the shoreline to provide a range of wildlife benefits and further protect the defences from erosion. Land uses are balanced across the rest of the landscape with grazing and arable (including energy crops) production alongside wildlife conservation areas. The landscape is broadly similar to the agricultural focus scenario, though at a lower level of production intensity in some areas to benefit wildlife. The inland secondary flood defence embankment is maintained to keep pace with sea level rise caused by climate change.

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Lowland Coastal