Somerset Levels and Moors - Balance between Agriculture & Biodiversity - 2060

Somerset Levels and Moors Landscape - in 2060 if the focus is on a balance between biodiversity and agriculture:

The policies are aimed at providing multi-functional landscapes that bring a wide range of benefits to society, so biodiversity and agricultural interests have become more balanced.

Different areas on the Levels are designated for either biodiversity or agricultural interests, and the land drainage is managed accordingly through the use of appropriate water level control structures and renewable energy sources (e.g. small scale wind pumps). As a result the dependency on high capacity pumping stations is reduced. On the surrounding hill slopes a wide range of agricultural systems are viable, including a number that benefit from increased summer temperatures and sunshine (e.g. sunflowers, vines, soyabeans, fruit). Hedgerows and woodlands are allowed to mature and expand in size, providing valuable habitats and wildlife corridors through the landscape.

Somerset Levels and Moors
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