Somerset Levels and Moors - Focus on Biodiversity - 2060

Somerset Levels and Moors Landscape - in 2060 if the focus is on biodiversity:

Land use and land management is being actively encouraged to maximise biodiversity , which substantially reduces the need for the maintenance of an extremely efficient land drainage system. On the Levels this results in a much wetter landscape, especially in the winter, and water is held on the land for longer periods into the spring and early summer. Wet grassland and other wetland habitat types have developed which attract a wide range of wildlife. Low intensity livestock grazing is still needed at certain times of the year to help maintain the desired vegetation characteristics for the various wetland habitats. On the drier surrounding hill slopes slightly more intensive grazing takes place alongside other production systems such as vineyards. The woodland and hedgerows are being enlarged and connected to provide further wildlife habitat.

Somerset Levels and Moors
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