Somerset Levels and Moors - Focus on Agriculture - 2060

Somerset Levels and Moors Landscape - in 2060 if the focus is on agriculture:

Land use across the area is driven by prevailing agricultural and food security policies, together with market and economic conditions, that favour the maintenance of a high level of agricultural production.

On the Levels the maintenance of good land drainage and soil fertility is essential to encourage grass growth for raising livestock (principally sheep, dairy and beef cattle) or support arable production where viable. The summers are hotter and drier, so sunshade structures and reliable drinking water supplies have been installed to ensure livestock welfare. On the slopes of the surrounding hill a wide range of crops are grown which exploit the warmer drier summer conditions, including cereals, oil seeds, vines, soyabeans and fruit, together with grazing for sheep and cattle.

Somerset Levels and Moors
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